Below we have listed some useful resources with a small description that will be of assistance to teachers if they are teaching a unit on the Australian gold rush.

Dugan, M. (1992). The Gold Rush Era. Australia: Macmillan Education.
This book looks at gold mining and different mines around Australia.

Morrissey, D. (1986). The Golden Years. South Melbourne: Macmillan.
This is a book about the history of the Australian Gold Rush, includes pictures and is aimed at primary school students.

Parry, A. (2007). Gold Rush Journeys. South Yarra Melbourne: Macmillan Library.
This book talks about the way in which people travelled to the Gold Rush and the lives of different people on the gold fields.

Parry, A. (2007). Riots, Robberies, and rebellions. South Yarra Melbourne: Macmillan library.
This book talks about crime on gold fields, law and order on the gold fields, the Eureka stockade and notorious bush rangers. It is written in a way primary school aged children would be able to fluently read and understand.


The Australian Gold Rush. (n.d.). Retrieved September 13, 2010 from
This site provides specific information about the gold rush such as the lifestyle, the Chinese and gold itself. It also has a shot quiz that the children can do.

Australian Gold Rush History Educational Information. (2000). Retrieved September 14, 2010 from
This site gives a small overview of the gold rush history; it also provides some more in depth information about gold, such as its changing in price value. Easy to understand and read.

Australian Government. (n.d.). The Australian gold rush. Retrieved September 15, 2010 from
This website has useful information about the history of the gold rush in Australia, it also has links to other websites with information about certain events in the gold rush.

Ballarat Accomodation and Tourism Directory. (2010). Eureka Stockade. Retrieved September 13, 2010, from
This link provides students with some background knowledge on the events that happen on the goldfields, namely, the Eureka Stockade.

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, Culture Portal. (2010). Retrieved September 13, 2010, from
This website is a really good source of information for students in finding out about the life of the gold rush times. It includes links to famous and significant people and events which happen throughout that time.

Taylor, P. (2006). The Australian gold rush. Retrieved September 12, 2010 from
This is a good website to use when researching the gold rush, it has a lot of information on the discovery of gold, transformations of Australia, key events and more.

Sovereign Hill Ballarat. (2010). Sovereign hill: It’s pure gold!. Retrieved September 8th, 2010, from
This is a wonderful website that includes a lot of information about the history of the gold rush and provides resources for teachers and students. It can be useful when planning and excursion and also when doing research.