LEVEL: Level four (4)
TOPIC: Australian Gold Rush
DOMAIN: The Humanities – history
DIMENSION: Historic knowledge and understanding and Historical reasoning and interpretation

This is the first lesson in a series of lessons based on the Gold Rush, it is designed to find out the students prior knowledge on the subject.
Students should be able clearly state what they already know about the gold rush and what they would hope to learn out of this unit of work.

Student activities
Teacher activities
As students start to settle down they will be listening to gold rush clip on you tube, this will help to engage the students as they prepare to do a unit of work on the gold rush
Places you tube clip on the interactive whiteboard. Direct students to get there humanities books and sit down at there desks.
Interactive white board
Youtube clip
Individually students will brainstorm what they know about the Gold Rush. They will complete this brainstorm in their humanities book, so they can refer back to it later on in the unit.
Teacher will walk around the classroom making sure students are kept on task, however at this time the teacher will not help the students as this is about finding out there prior knowledge.
humanities books
Students will share what they know during this time and answer questions prompt by the teacher.
Teacher will ask students to read out some of the things that they wrote down during the brainstorm time. Prompt the students with questions such as, where were some goldmines? Where have you been?? (Sovereign Hill, Bendigo goldmine) What did you see there? What have you got at home that is made of gold? How do you think they dressed back then? Etc.. By reading out what the students have brainstormed it will allow the teacher to see how much knowledge they have about that time.

Students will look into the importance of gold, discussing why they think it is important.
Asks students why they think gold is important, write these answers on the board, looking at the value and what it is used for.
White board
White board marker.
Students will watch part of the first episode of Rush. This will show them what the clothes and landscape during the era.
Put film on and monitor children’s behaviour, draw them by telling them this film will help them later on in the unit so they need to listen very carefully
Interactive whiteboard with projector.
Episode 1 of Rush
Students will be asked as a class to come up with a series of questions in relation to the gold rush that they would like to learn about. Some of the questions may include.
What was there clothing like?
Where did they live? For eg (tents or cottages)
How did they pan for gold? What were the different techniques?
Where did they take the gold once it was discovered? How did they get money for it? Did the women mine for gold to? Were there schools in the gold fields? Who decided if you were allowed to pan for gold in that area?
The teacher will write these questions on the white board. They will be then typed up and put around the room. The answers to these questions will then be found as the unit of work continues through the next few lessons.
White board
White board marker.