LEVEL: Level four (4)
TOPIC: Australian Gold Rush
DOMAIN: The Humanities – history
DIMENSION: Historic knowledge and understanding and Historical reasoning and interpretation

This is the second lesson on a series of lessons that focus on the gold rush. Students will begin a research task on specific areas of the gold rush.
By the end of this lesson students will know there specific research topic and should be able to identify the keys points of this area and have completed and A3 size poster.

Student activities
Teachers activities
Students come in and get there humanities books out and settle in for class.
Teacher explains that in today’s lesson they will be divided into groups of five and given a topic based on the questions from last lesson to research. The teacher will already have an idea of what students will go into which group, based on ability and behaviour.
Humanities books
Once students are in there groups they will each be given a topic that they have to research.
Teacher gives each student a topic. These may include
  • Clothing
  • Schooling
  • Mining techniques
  • Gender roles (what did the men do as opposed the women)
  • Becoming a gold miner??

Students can decide a name for there group such as diggers, miners, panners etc….
Teacher will give students 5mins to decide a group name that is a long the theme of the gold rush.

Students will begin researching there topic and by the end of this time they should have made a small poster with all the relevant information they found to be put up around the classroom.
Teacher will walk around the class assisting any students who are finding it hard to find information on there topic. Teacher will also provide some books and good websites that they use. These may include books such as:
  • The Golden Years, David Morrissey
  • Riots, Robberies, and rebellions, Ann Parry.
  • The Gold Rushes, Ann Parry.
  • The Gold Rush Era, Michael Dugan

Poster paper
Computers (with internet access)
Books from the library
Students will finish and pack up there work, handing there posters to the teacher.
Teacher will collect posters to be put around the room for future reference.