LEVEL: Level four (4)
TOPIC: Australian Gold Rush
DOMAIN: The Humanities – history
DIMENSION: Historic knowledge and understanding and
Historical reasoning and interpretation

The focus of this lesson is to allow the students to closely look at the Gold Rush era and find out about significant events and figures which shaped the course of Australia's history. Students will focus on specific events such as the Eureka Stockade, Edward Hargraves, Peter Lalor, Martha Clendinning and The Chinese people who travelled long distances in the search of gold.
In this lesson, students will bring in prior information they have learnt in this unit of work to further their knowledge of a specific event such as the Eureka Stockade or prominent figures featured throughout the Gold Rush time. Students will be their research and presentation skills to complete an A3 sized poster on their topic.

0 -15 mins
- Students seated in the library, listening and engaging with teacher when required.
- Teacher will explain today’s activities, which will be held in the Library.
- Teacher will break the students into their already picked groups from last lesson.
- Teacher will explain to the groups, they each have a specific research project they will be working on for the next two lessons.
- Teacher will explain what the task entails and what criteria have to be met.
- Library
- Books
- A3 sized poster paper
- Textas, pencils, markers
- Computers
- The Internet
- Students will allocate themselves a scribe, researchers, team captain/motivator within their group.
- Students will discuss and plan together what they would like to have on this A3 sized poster in their Humanities books.
- Students will be collating information and making a group decision on the layout and presentation of their A3 sized poster.
- Teacher will provide some help and resources to students when needed.

25 -50mins
- Students will use the resources in the library such as computers, the internet and books to compile information on a specific topic.
- Teacher will provide some help and resources to students when needed.

50 -60mins
- Students will pack up their area, borrow any books needed and note down any information they need to return to the project.
- Teacher will stop students from their project.
- Teacher will ask them to pack up their group’s things and clean up the area where they were working.
- Teacher will ask students to note down any information or websites, they would want to return to and borrow any books from the library they wish to use.