LEVEL: Level four (4)
TOPIC: Australian Gold Rush
DOMAIN: The Humanities – history
DIMENSION: Historic knowledge and understanding and
Historical reasoning and interpretation

The focus of this lesson is for the students to continue on and further their knowledge of the Gold Rush era. Students will be continue findingout and and sorting their information about their specific event of significant figure for their poster.
Students in this lesson will be finding and sorting out information they have researched on their specific topic and putting that information onto an A3 sized poster. Students will make group decisions on what roles the members will play, the information and the layout of the poster. they will also prepared themselves to make a two minute presentation to the class about their topic.

Students seated listening and engaging with teacher when required.
Teacher will explain to the class that they are continuing on with their research project from last lesson.
Explain that these posters will need to be finished by the end of this lesson and they will have to present a two minute speech on what their certain topic is on and what they have found out from their research.

Students will quickly and quietly divide up into their assigned groups.

Students will discuss with other team members what needs to be done on their poster.

Students will finish research on their specific topic.

Students will make group decisions on the final layout and decoration of their poster.

Students will work together to pick out the most interesting bits of information to present.
Teacher will provide assistance or resources if needed.
- A3 sized paper
- Coloured paper
- scissors
- Texta's, pencils and other drawing materials.
- glue
- Stopwatch (optional)
- Computers
- The Internet
Students seated listening and engaging with teacher when required.

Students will bring out their humanities books to be prepared for the upcoming presentations.
Teacher will ask students to finish up their posters, pack up their area and get prepared for their group presentation.

Teacher will ask the students to respect the other students’ rights to have a distraction free presentation and should pay the same respect as you would want them to do for you.
Teacher will also ask students to record at least one interesting fact from each of the presentations.
- Humanities Books
- Pens
- Stopwatch (optional)
Group by group, students will present their two minute speech on their subject.
Other students will have their books out, in preparation to write at least interesting thing from each of the presentations.
Teacher will organise student groups in order for their presentations.
Teacher will explain to students not doing their presentation, they will have to note down at least one interesting thing about each specific presentation.

Students will finish presentations and pack up their books and clean up the area they were sitting in for the end of the lesson.
Teacher will ask them to pack up their books and clean up the area for the end of the lesson.
Teacher will ask students to help display their posters up around the classroom for parents and other visitors to see.