LEVEL: Level four (4)
TOPIC: Australian Gold Rush
DOMAIN: The Humanities – history
DIMENSION: Historic knowledge and understanding and
Historical reasoning and interpretation

This is the seventh lesson in a unit focusing on the Australian gold rushes. This lesson focuses on students reflecting on and applying what they have learnt in the past 6 lessons to produce a short piece of writing.
Objectives:· By the end of this lesson students should have completed a piece of writing that is approximately a page in length that shows their level of understanding about the Australian gold rushes.
· Students should incorporate what they have learnt over the past 6 lessons in to their writing piece.
· This lesson will help reinforce student’s understandings and create meaningful connections by applying their knowledge to a new situation. · Students practice and further improve their writing skills.

Duration: 60 minutes

10:00 – 10:10am
(10 minutes)

Introduction:Students will sit on the floor or discussion area together as a class. Students answer questions and join in on the discussion about the excursion.
Teacher and students will discuss the previous lesson which was the excursion to Sovereign Hill. The teacher prompts the discussion by posing questions to the class. For example:
· Who enjoyed the excursion?
· What did you like the most?
· What didn’t you like?
· What did you find most interesting?
· What did you find out that you didn’t already know?
· What did you see or hear that we have already talked about?

(5 minutes)

Students then stay seated and listen while the teacher explains today’s activity and ask questions if they are unsure about what to do.
Teacher then explains today’s writing activity which requires students to reflect upon their learning over the past few weeks and the excursion. Students must complete a piece of writing about what they have learnt about the Australian gold rushes. Students may choose how they present their writing piece from the following options:
· Diary entry
· News article
· Report
· Poem
· Letter
· Comic Strip
If students are not sure what to write about, they can use what they have learnt to write about:

“What would happen if a large amount of gold was found in our school yard?”

(40 minutes)

Students then head back to tables to their regular seats begin writing individually.
Whilst students are working, the teacher can write up ideas from the class discussion on the board to help students with ideas as they begin writing.

Teacher also observes the students while they are working, assisting and giving encouragement.

Students notes and assignments from previous lessons throughout the unit can be used to help them write their reports.

Whiteboard and whiteboard markers.
10:55-11:00am(five minutes)
Conclusion:Students pack up tables and prepare for next activity.